With the year’s major tournament less than two weeks away at OKBET PUBG PGC 2022, here are ten things you should know about the PUBG Global Championship 2022 and the European teams who qualified.

  1. Europe is OVERFLOWING

The eight European teams that have qualified for OKBET PUBG PGC 2022 are loaded with incredible PUBG Esports skill. Hundreds of lineups played in two G-Loot and two PCS events throughout the year to earn enough PGC points to qualify. Twisted Minds, Entropiq, FaZe Clan, Polish Power, NAVI, OVERPEEKERS, and BBL Esports all outscored their opponents and advanced. For winning PCS7 outright, Question Mark secured an automatic qualification.


2. Twisted Minds has recently signed one of Europe’s top teams.

Organization headquartered in Saudi Arabia Northern Lights has recently signed with Twisted Minds (BatulinS, Lu, Perfect1ks, spyrro) at OKBET PUBG PGC 2022. The squad is one of the best and most well-known in Europe, a reputation confirmed by a remarkable second-place result at PCS7 at OKBET PUBG PGC. Twisted Minds player BatulinS is also known for his renowned dress sense, often wearing a bathrobe when competing in tournaments.

3) Question Mark took the competition by surprise.

Question Mark (ADOUZ1E, DaNt3, HoBBitEz, f1lfirst) was a bit of a dark horse heading into PCS7, despite previous strong results. They came in with just 50 PGC points and a hope of winning the championship at OKBET PUBG PGC 2022. Their desire came true when they demolished PCS7 with a resounding first-place victory; now, the team’s eyes are set firmly on PGC 2022, where they want to redeem themselves after finishing 30th at PGC 2021.

4) Entropiq comes back with a lot to prove.

OKBET PUBG PGC 2022, Entropiq (ivas, Lukarux, Naylup, Qbe), the indisputable PCS6 Europe champions, had a fantastic first half of the year. Their fortunes altered in PCS7, however, as they failed to qualify for the Grand Finals. Despite this, Entropiq has amassed more than enough PGC points to qualify for PGC 2022 and will strive to reclaim their previous grandeur. Let’s see whether they’re up to the challenge.


5) Polish Power’s first PGC debut

Polish Power (K4pii, KnorkiS, Marcelek, and Krunio) debuted in the PCS Grand Finals last month at PCS7 Europe. They finished third at PCS7 and are set to embark on another first in their career by participating at OKBET PGC 2022. Another fascinating tidbit about Polish Power is that they often choose to train in PUBG:BATTLEGROUNDS Ranked Mode rather than scrimmage with other teams – a brave tactic that has undoubtedly paid off so far!

6) BBL Esports has a brand new logo.

Following a fresh new logo change, the all-Turkish team (CodeMarco, Smash, Quetpa, Thenderlost) qualified for OKBET PUBG PGC 2022 in style. They finished fourth in PCS6 Europe and did well in this year’s G-Loot competitions. BBL Esports, being the sole team representing the MENA area, must be under pressure to perform. Let’s hope they can provide another strong performance at PGC 2022!

7) The PGC 2022 will last 20 days.

PGC 2022 will take place from November 1 to November 20, with each match being aired live from Dubai. This will be the second offline event held since the epidemic (after the PUBG Nations Cup 2022) this summer. PUBG Esports fans will be able to visit the OKBET PGC Grand Finals in person during the tournament’s final weekend at the Dubai Exhibition Center.


8) You may create your own fantasy PGC roster to compete for PGC bundles.

PUBG Esports is once again teaming up with Twire.gg to provide our fans a OKBET PUBG PGC 2022 Fantasy League tournament. Create your ideal squad and get points for each individual achievement at PGC 2022. The top ten competitors will get G-Coin and PGC Mega Bundles! On October 24, the OKBET PUBG PGC 2022 Fantasy League will begin.

9) The PUBG Pick ’em Challenge allows you to show your support for your preferred squad.

To spend your voting vouchers on your favorite team, launch PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS and head to the Esports page! You may earn voting vouchers in a variety of ways, including buying PGC 2022 goods, viewing OKBET PUBG PGC 2022 broadcasts, and completing in-game activities. If you guess right, you will get some special stuff from the Esports store!

10) You can watch the action unfold LIVE at twitch.tv/PUBG Battlegrounds!

Don’t miss a single second of the action by watching OKBET PUBG PGC 2022 live on Twitch and YouTube. Please follow our Turkish Twitch and YouTube accounts for the Turkish broadcast. The German broadcast will be available online here. PGC 2022 livestream coverage will begin each day at 14:00 CET.

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