OKBET Poker Professionals

OKBET Poker Professionals

Because of a post from OKBET Poker Professionals YouTuber Lex Ozias (@LexOpoker1) that created a heated controversy, poker dealer tipping has supplanted the Robbi-Garrett narrative on poker Twitter. Ozias’ heated take, “If you play poker for a living: size of pot won shouldn’t influence amount of tip to dealer,” elicited the same reaction as any other contentious viewpoint on social media — a mix of insults, opposing ideas, and others who agreed.

For example, Michael Mcardle (@m mcardle12) tweeted to Ozias, “Love going on the tables and stacking men like you.” The YouTuber, who has over 47,000 followers on YouTube, is obviously entitled to his viewpoint. Following a lot of reactions to his first tweet, he elaborated on his thoughts about professionals tipping dealers at OKBET Poker Professionals.

Ozias made it clear that he was only speaking to professional poker players. As a result, he was unconcerned with the views of casual gamers. That didn’t stop the non-professionals from weighing in.

Opinions from Everywhere at OKBET Poker Professionals

OKBET Poker Professionals

One of the most prevalent responses to the first tweet was that it seemed absurd to some to tip the same amount in a $100 pot as a $100,000 pot at OKBET Poker Professionals. However, one poker enthusiast offered a solid reply by posing the rhetorical question of whether a dealer works harder to push a six-figure hand vs a typical $1/$3 pot

Another major topic of discussion was the pay structure of a poker dealer. Dealers in practically every card room in the United States are paid a modest hourly salary, generally between $10 and $15 at OKBET Poker Professionals. They, like bartenders and waitresses, depend mostly on tips, which means they rely on players to be generous or the mortgage will not be paid. Some have urged that casinos give their staff a living salary rather than relying on tips. That may be a feasible alternative, and one that many dealers would like, but it would almost certainly result in higher rake to pay the additional dealer compensation costs.

“F**k these haters, dude. You tip your server and they tip theirs. For what it’s worth, I’m on your side. A excellent dealer, who is entertaining, swift, knows my name, doesn’t muck up the transaction, and so on, will always receive a higher tip “@SeanHud spoke up.

“Should dealers be paid more than $25 per hour? It seemed crazy at OKBET Poker Professionals. Outside of perhaps high stakes or televised games, $1-$2 each hand is more than enough “Andrew B. Arthur sent a tweet.

“I’d never remark on your [lack of] suggestions, but you’ve opened the door. It is your right to tip whatever you see fit, but please don’t attempt to persuade others that your lack of generosity is beneficial. Furthermore, I know very few professionals that tip as low as you do “Kim Stone, a poker player from Texas, commented.

“This makes no sense. Winning 100 in a 1/2 game vs 100k in a 100/200 game would not be the same advice “Allen Kessler chimed in at OKBET Poker Professionals.

A few people sought to draw a parallel with restaurant eating. However, it is a difficult comparison to draw given that the threshold for outstanding service at a sit-down restaurant in the United States is 20% or higher at OKBET Poker Professionals. Obviously, no poker expert could ever make a livelihood playing cards if they tipped 20% of the money in each pot they won.

Herbie Teope, a Kansas City Chiefs beat writer for the Kansas City Star, told PokerNews that he is “of the view that the size of the pot determines the tip” and strongly disagrees with Ozias.

Professional poker player In respect to the tipping problem, Charlie Carrel raised an intriguing point.

What the Poker Dealers Have to Say

OKBET Poker Professionals

Surprisingly, a large number of poker dealers seem to support Ozias. In lieu of the present setup, some dealers would desire to be paid a consistent hourly pay and have full benefits.

“Tipping has become a manner of supporting s***y occupations,” Justin McCluen, a former Des Moines, Iowa poker dealer, told OKBET Poker Professionals. “The only persons I feel deserve a tip are those that bring meals in their own cars. I’m asking them to do something I despise.”

“As a dealer, I completely agree with this remark. I also play a lot, so I feel I have a greater understanding of the players’ perspective “Lee Bradbury used Twitter.

Last Words

OKBET Poker Professionals

Poker dealers are just as vital as everybody else in this field. Skilled dealers should be appropriately paid, whether via a respectable income from the casino or through gratuities. If the hourly rate isn’t enough to make ends meet for a dealer, it’s up to the poker community to stand up and tip generously, whether you’re a pro or a casual player at the OKBET Poker Professionals.

Employees who are highly compensated are more inclined to work hard than those who are not. If you value having a good dealer at your table, and there’s no reason why any professional wouldn’t, you shouldn’t expect exceptional service from low-wage employees.

However, tip shaming is just as harmful as not tipping at all or paying too little. Tip what seems comfortable to you, but keep in mind that the person you’re paying has expenses to pay and you couldn’t play this game for a livelihood at a land-based casino without them.

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