The OKBET LoL Worlds schedule is down to three games remaining. T1, Gen.G, and DRX from Korea, as well as China’s JD Gaming, are the only teams still alive. This Worlds edition has been one of the most thrilling ever, and we haven’t seen the best of it yet. Let’s see how these League of Legends Worlds teams do as the tournament nears its conclusion.

T1 vs. JD Gaming

  • JD Gaming has odds of 2.05 and T1 has odds of 1.68.
  • Thunderpick Esports is a betting site.
  • When: Tuesday, October 29th, 2022

The champion of the LPL and the runners-up of the LCK will battle for a single slot in the Grand Final. It’s almost a shame that one of them is set to be removed since they’re both such good teams. So far, they have identical tournament records at OKBET LoL. JD and T1 both finished first in their respective groups after losing just one game apiece, then swept their opponents 3-0 in the quarterfinals. Trying to predict a winner is difficult, but most OKBET LoL Worlds betting sites offer T1 a tiny lead. Let’s have a look at why this is so.

JD Entertainment

This might be JD’s opportunity to win his first OKBET LOL World Championship, capping off an unbelievable year. They’ve only lost one game thus far in this competition, during the round robin, when they were eliminated by DWG KIA.


JD has the third-best kill-death ratio in the league, with a kill rate of 16.2 and a death rate of 11.6. While their death count has been somewhat higher than the other top teams, their 16.2 kills per game rank second in the competition only to T1 at OKBET LoL. JD’s creep score per minute of 33.2 is second only to DRX, and their farming has been superb, gathering 1944 gold every minute with a difference of 257.


T1 is the only team to have won the prestigious trophy many times and will be aiming for a fourth win at the OKBET LoL, their first in six years. They’ve been a strong force in this tournament, rapidly overcoming an early setback in their defeat against Fnatic.

At this moment, they seem to be the most likely to cross the finish line. They have not only performed as a coherent, well-rounded team, but each individual player has also been at their best. This is a group that includes Zeus, Faker, and Gumayusi. Gumayusi.

The bot laner has been nothing short of phenomenal, with tournament numbers that beggar belief. So far, he has the top KDA in the competition, with 18.5, 6.1 kills per game, and 0.7 deaths after nine games.

Let’s not get carried away talking about just one guy, no matter how great he is. T1’s overall numbers are also the best in the competition, with the greatest KDA at 1.78 and the highest kill rate at 17.4. They’ve also taken down the most towers per game, 8.9, and allowed the fewest, 2.3. Their damage per minute is 2462, which is also the highest at Worlds.

In the quarterfinals, they faced European Rogue Esports, whom they annihilated in three consecutive games. Their dominant jungler Seo “Kanavi” Jin-hyeok, who averages 4.8 kills each game in the competition, had 13 kills in the match at OKBET LoL.

DRX vs. Gen.G

  • Odds for LoL Worlds: Gen.G 1.22 / DRX 3.80
  • Thunderpick Esports is a betting site.
  • When: 30th of October, 2022

The LCK champions Gen.G have been the more steady and dependable squad of the two, and they are the obvious favorite going into this game at OKBET LoL. DRX, on the other hand, have been a tumultuous force since entering the play-ins, blowing everyone’s expectations out of the water. GG should win this one, but expect a bloodbath from DRX.


The team’s confidence was shaken when they lost their opening game of the tournament against Royal Never Gave Up. They’ve been a force to be reckoned with since then, more than living up to their reputation as OKBET LoL Worlds favorites.

However, they suffered a little more than anticipated in the quarterfinals against their LCK counterparts DWG KIA. After cruising to a 25-minute victory in the first game, they clinched the second one as well, although with a little more difficulty, and needed only one more win to win the series.


Canyon and deokdam took over for DWG at that time when their prospects appeared poor. In games three and four, they astonished GG, winning the first in 26 minutes and the second in little over 24.

GG eventually pulled themselves together throughout the series decider, despite their confidence being severely affected in the OKBET LoL. They concentrated on farming money and taking down turrets rather than killing, in which they were completely outplayed in the previous two games, and eventually won after a 45-minute nailbiter.

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DRX stormed into the competition with guns blazing, and they’ve been the most thrilling team to watch over the last several weeks. With their no-guts-no-glory strategy, they’ve swiftly risen from underdogs to championship contenders in a matter of days.

Whatever happens in this tournament, they have every cause to be proud. Even if they place third or fourth in their bracket at the OKBET LoL World Championship, it will be their best ever showing at LoL Worlds 2022. Zeka has been one of the tournament’s finest ADCs and has never let the team down – DRX would be silly not to re-sign him, or Deft, when their contracts expire next month.

DRX eliminated defending champs Edward Gaming from the quarterfinals last week. For the first two games, it seemed like things were moving in the wrong direction, but DRX’s never-say-die spirit rescued them out of a bind once again.

They drove through game three, gaining 77k gold and eleven towers while slowly wearing down EDG. The similar strategy helped them tie the series in the following game, although this was a lot tighter. Finally, in the series finale, DRX kept their nerve and won by a considerably larger margin, with 18 kills to EDG’s 11.

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